Collection: Discover The Tierra Collection



Rooted in the essence of the Earth, the "Tierra' collection (derived from the Spanish word of Earth) draws inspiration from the intricate tapestry of the natural world - the flourishing flora, diverse fauna, and the boundless landscapes that make up our planet's canvas. The introspective pause brought about and the challenges of Covid and the period of confinement led me to a profound realisation: the sheer magnificence of our natural surroundings, often taken for granted, is an irreplaceable gem that deserves  our utmost care and preservation.


Through intricate designs, textured patterns, and the embodiment of organic elements, these pieces encapsulate the raw beauty that our Earth generously bestows upon us.

These forms, captured and crafted, are transformed through the mono-casting process into exquisite works of art. Recycled precious metals breathe new life into these forms, giving rise to shapes, contours, and textures that echo the very essence of the Earth's majesty.


The allure of textures and imperfections has always held a fascination for me. Within these intricacies lies a symphony of patterns that, to me, represent the epitome of nature's perfection. Unedited beauty that serves as an endless inspiration, a testament to the artistry inherent in our world.

In the pieces I create, I bring mono-casted natural forms, such as delicate twigs, into timeless elegance. These forms are thoughtfully paired with an array of coloured gemstones, each carefully selected to enhance the design. Each piece is handcrafted using recycled sterling silver, further adorned with granules of recycled 18ct yellow gold.

Each creation is an embodiment of the principle that perfection can be found in the unique and the individual, mirroring the organic diversity found in nature and in each of us. Through these designs, I endeavour to showcase a diverse spectrum of gemstones colour, each source individually for its distinctive beauty. Instead of seeking perfection, we celebrate the individuality that each gem possesses, much like the beauty that exists within us all.

It is about celebrating the beauty that comes from embracing imperfections and uniqueness.

Each piece, whether it takes the shape of a ring, clasp, or earrings, embodies a connection to the Earth's aesthetics. These pieces are wearable tales of the Earth's grandeur. The recycled precious metals carry the imprints of leaves, twigs, and other elements that interlace the natural world, weaving a narrative that spans generations.

This collection transcends tradition jewellery; it is a blend of craftsmanship and reverence of the Earth's bounties. As you adorn yourself with these creations, you are not just wearing jewellery; you are embracing the Earth's artistry, carrying with you a piece of nature's splendour wherever you go.

In the embrace of the "Tierra" collection, nature's elegance unfurls in a trio of exquisite alternative engagement rings, each adorned with captivating statement gemstones of Aqua and Gold Citrine. Crafted from a harmonious bled of recycled sterling silver, recycled 9ct yellow gold settings, and embellished with recycled 18ct gold granules, these unique pieces stand as a testament to the artistry born of sustainable practices.

As you gaze upon these stunning rings, you are invited to witness the fusion of Earth's beauty and human craftsmanship. Embrace the spirit of the "Tierra" collection, where love, commitment, and respect for our planet and ourselves unite in wearable works of art that honour both your journey and the world we all share.