Collection: Discover The Tierra Collection



The Tierra collection (Spanish for Earth) is inspired by the Earth, the natural world, plants and animals. Covid and the time we spend in confinement made me appreciate the natural world even more, thinking how precious and unique it is and the importance to preserve it for generations to come.


These series of work are a celebration of the Earth, the pieces are inspired and created  from the natural forms which are mono-casted into recycled precious metals, these gorgeous shapes, forms and textures became a tangible one of a kind pieces of jewellery, art jewellery which I will use as rings, clasp and earrings.


Textures and imperfections are very interesting to me. I like to study the patterns as this is to me the perfection of nature and a great source of inspiration.

I combined the mono casted natural forms like twigs into rings and complement them with a variety of colour gemstones to suit the design, fully handcrafted in recycled sterling silver and decorated with recycled 18ct yellow gold granules. Each of these pieces are unique and individual, just like nature and just like us.


Do you love to walk in the forest, a park or the beach? I can work with your found objects to create a unique piece of jewellery for you. These pieces are full of emotion and sentiment, something meaningful which will last a lifetime and mark a rite of passage. Go ahead, find your forever treasure!