Collection: Discover The Plethora Collection

The Plethora collection is inspired in the abundance, richness and colours of the sea and the underwater world. The amazing intricate textures and shapes of the Great Barrier Reefs, sea life and the wonderful intense colours decorating the ocean waters, and the colours which surround us in our beautiful planet Earth.
The granules, textures and colour combinations of the recycled precious metals are utilise to create unique patterns resembling reefs, sea shells  and coral formations of our amazing oceans.
The beautiful 24ct yellow gold plated recycled sterling silver is rich and deep in colour to complement the blue, green and teal colours of the individually sourced gemstones, the organic baroque pearls, faceted and fancy cut gemstones to create every single handcrafted jewel.

Each piece is individually handcrafted, unique and one of a kind. In these pieces above we combine recycled 9ct rose gold and recycled 9ct yellow gold with recycled sterling silver and colour gemstones to suit the Designs, granules, textures and crowns, set of rings to set you free.

Heirlooms found on the seabeds, a long lost treasure found to enjoy another lifetime and to pass on from generations to come!
Explore our Plethora collection to find your magical treasure!