Collection: Discover The Indian Summer Collection



The Indian Summer collection is inspired by India, my travels there and my love for yoga and meditation. My Designs come from this place of peace and focused energy within my mind, body and heart unifying everything that I am thinking, saying and doing. This collection and India has a very special place in my heart!


When I travelled in India the smells, landscapes and colours of the earth were so familiar to me and inspired a whole world of possibilities in my Designs, one thing you learned quickly in India is to except things as they come, going with the flow is a preferable state of mind.


I loved the vibrant colours of the cities, the warmth and heat, with this in mind I started to mix different components into a single piece of jewellery, or different colour combination gemstones, shapes and cuts to create unique pieces of art, wearable art with great attention of detail.


Signature irregular flat links, sections of multiple links and single gemstones on clasp, asymmetrical beauty, each a piece of art standing on its own right. For me, Indian is a peaceful mystery which constantly sparked my curiosity. In a place where anything is possible!



 From single structures to more complicated variation designs, including fancy cut beads and an adjustable handcrafted t-bar clasp. Minimal and simple gemstones drop hook earrings in a variety of materials and colours sourced in small batches, faceted or smooth. A feast of colours , simplicity and light.