Collection: Discover The Afiok Collection


Embarking on my creative journey during my college days, the Afiok collection holds a special place in my heart as it was my very first endeavour into the world of jewellery design. A humble seedling nurtured by my passion, this collection has blossomed into a perennial favourite that has continues to captivate admirers for the past 18 remarkable years.                         

Rooted in the diverse and enchanting tapestry of African landscapes and cultures, the Afiok Collection is a celebration of both nature's grandeur and human artistry. What makes this collection truly special are its signature links, each painstakingly handcrafted with devotion from recycled precious metals wire. These links, born from a marriage of craftsmanship and inspiration, serve as a distinctive hallmark of the Afiok Designs. 


Individually forged, soldered, and thoughtfully textured, these links mirror the very essence of my creative journey. Each piece is a reflection of my unique vision and a tribute to the lands that inspired them. Drawing inspiration from the interplay of light on the Sahara's desert dunes, these links embody the contrast, fluidity, and the intricate textures that nature weaves.
As you explore the Afiok Collection, you are not just engaging with jewellery, you are immersing yourself in the chapters of my artistic evolution. This collection  encapsulates not only the captivating aesthetics of Africa landscapes but also the growth, passion, and innovation that my journey has encompassed.
Let the Afiok Collection be a cherished reminder that every creative odyssey starts with a single step, and each piece is a testament to thee during magic of handcrafted design  in London.
The Afiok Collection exquisite chains intertwine seamlessly with my iconic signature quill clasp- a design that draws its inspiration from the elegance of porcupine quills. Meticulously crafted in various sizes to perfectly complement each design, these quill claps are brought to life by using the timeless art of lost was casting.
The synergy between the signature chains and the quill clasp is a tribute to the harmony that can be found in nature's design. The delicate chains echo the intricate balance of the natural works, while the quill clasps serve as a reminder of the beauty and wisdom found in even the most unique aspects of creation.
From the fluidity of the chains to the fine details of the quill clasp, the Afiok Collection stands as a testament to the timeless synergy between art, inspiration, and craftsmanship.                     





















As you explore the Afiok Collection, immerse yourself in the narrative woven by every links, every clasp, and every design. Discover the essence of Africa's landscapes, and the artistic journey that has led to the creation of these treasures. Experience the fusion of art and nature, and adorn yourself with a symbol of elegance, creativity and enduring charm.