Bea Jareno Jewellery

Meaningful - Sustainable - Respectful

"Ethical Hand-Crafted Jewellery Created with 100% Recycled Precious Metals. Unveiling Our Hottest Off the Bench Pieces!"

My Love Of Detail

Bea Jareno is an independent, Spanish, fine jewellery designer maker. Her jewellery is lovingly, fully-handcrafted in her West London Atelier near the iconic Portobello Road. She is proud to create one of a kind art-jewellery pieces with 100% recycled precious metals in a sustainable and ethical way.

She handpicks her gemstones for their unique beauty to suit her design styles, paying great attention to detail.

Bea says: 'By creating my Jewellery with 100% recycled precious metals I am transforming the Past, inspiring a Sustainable Future through Recycled Treasures and Ethical Craftsmanship'

"Exquisite One-of-a-kind Jewellery Pieces, Fully Crafted in Our West London Studio by Expert Goldsmiths, for Those Who Value Quality and Craftsmanship"

Discover The Afiok Collection

    Embarking on my creative journey during my college days, the... 

Bea Jareno Jewellery Afiok collection two link stud earrings shown in 24ct yellow gold vermeil and 24ct rose gold vermeil with small butterfly backs in a white background
Afiok large long cascade earrings in two toned recycled 24ct yellow gold vermeil and sterling silver modelled with long brown hair side profile

"Soulful Jewels to Adorn the Body, the Heart and the Mind. As, When a Piece of Jewellery is Worn, It Truly Comes to Life"

Discover The Plethora Collection


"Unique Jewellery Where Every Gemstone Tells a Story. Handcrafted with Care, Sourced with Passion and Produced in Small Batches for Unparalleled Freshness and Elegance"

Discover The Indian Summer Collection

     The "Indian Summer" collection draws inspiration from my journeys in... 

"Inspired by the Earth, Crafted from Nature, Ethical Luxury, Timelessly Beautiful"

Discover The Tierra Collection

                    Rooted in... 

I Believe....

Making jewellery and the creative process allow me to be in the present. This is what I call 'being in the flow'. This emotional state and focused, yet fluid, energy is expressed in all of my work whether it is a personal project or a commission. I love to work with a variety of precious metals, experimenting in contrasting colours, patterns and textures. I celebrate the imperfections in materials which, in my view, become perfect for they hold a unique beauty.

I believe every piece of jewellery I have made has found its rightful owner. 

For me, this is true magic!

Bea Jareno Jewellery x The Slow Build 2023

  • "Thank you Bea, for giving me everything my heart desired and for being so very generous with your time and attention. You are a true joy to work with!"

    Menna Van Praag

  • "Bea creates with commitment, love, heart & soul and is a true artist and master of her profession."

    Deborah True

  • "My husband bought me your Indian Summer collection one of a kind necklace for my 70th birthday It is really beautiful and your jewellery is exquisite."

    Liz Allden

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