Bea Jareno Jewellery

Meaningful - Sustainable - Respectful

Founder Bea Jareno holding two bracelets from the Plethora Collection

"Designing Elegance in Jewellery since 2006: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability. Handcrafted by Skilled Goldsmiths in London, for Those Who Value Quality & Craftsmanship."

Founder, Bea Jareno, holding five beaded gold necklaces

"Unique Jewellery Where Every Gemstone Tells a Story. Handcrafted with Care, Sourced with Passion and Produced in Small Batches for Unparalleled Freshness and Style"

Bea Jareno is an independent fine and demi-fine jewellery designer maker. Her jewellery is lovingly fully handcrafted in her West London Atelier. She is proud to create one of a kind limited edition pieces of contemporary jewellery with recycled sterling silver and gold, paying great attention to detail and experimenting in contrasting colours, patterns and textures.

She celebrates the imperfections in materials which, in her view, become perfect for they hold a unique beauty. She's also deeply passionate about breathing new life into cherished heirloom jewels through restoration and repurposing.

Bea says: 'By creating my Jewellery with 100% recycled precious metals I am transforming the Past, inspiring a Sustainable Future through Recycled Treasures and Ethical Craftsmanship'