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Indian summer Beaded Gold Tourmaline Bracelet

Indian summer Beaded Gold Tourmaline Bracelet

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Introducing the Indian Summer collection beaded gold bracelet, a true elegant piece fully handcrafted at our London studio.

This bracelet is fully crafted from recycled 9kt yellow gold and combined with beautiful Tourmaline colours hues and details of Tanzanite gemstones.

These beads showcase the rich cultural heritage of India, with their vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and ornate detailing. From deep blues reminiscent of tranquil oceans to fiery reds evoking the warmth of a setting sun, our bracelets capture the essence of a summer day.

The perfect companion to our Indian summer beaded Tourmaline gold gemstones necklace, these bracelets are crafted as limited edition pieces, ensuring their exclusivity and uniqueness. Colours and textures that truly complements our signature look and style.

Imagine the gently caress of a summer breeze against your skin, the sun-kissed warmth on your wrist, and the delicate beads whispering tales of distant lands. 

Fully handcrafted at our West London Studio

Comes packaged in a grey branded eco-board box 

Ready to ship within 2 working days.

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