Bea Jareno Jewellery

Meaningful - Sustainable - Respectful

Founder Bea Jareno holding two bracelets from the Plethora Collection

"Designing Elegance in Jewellery since 2006: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability. Handcrafted by Skilled Goldsmiths in London, for Those Who Value Quality & Craftsmanship."

Founder, Bea Jareno, holding five beaded gold necklaces

"Unique Jewellery Where Every Gemstone Tells a Story. Handcrafted with Care, Sourced with Passion and Produced in Small Batches for Unparalleled Freshness and Style"

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"Conscious Craftsmanship, Timeless Elegance"

Bea says: "By creating my Jewellery with 100% recycled and repurposed precious metals I am transforming the past, inspiring a sustainable future through recycled treasures and ethical Craftsmanship. With my jewellery you can discover unique one-of-a-kind and beautiful jewellery design handcrafted with integrity which I believe sets my brand in a different level"