Picture of Chanel 19 perfume on a shelve with the carboard box next to it part of the exhibition at the V&A Museum London

"Simplicity is the Keynote of All True Elegance" A journey Through Coco Chanel's Iconic Designs at the V&A Exhibition

Image of the black dress owned by Charlie's Chaplin wife, black velvet dress by Coco Chanel part of the V&A exhibition London

"Fashion Changes, Style Remains" Coco Chanel


The showstopper of the Coco Chanel exhibition? no doubt, it is the black velvet dress that belonged to Charlie Chaplin's wife. Tucked away in the last room of this spectacular exhibition, this dress is pure elegance. The unmistakable Chanel flair and literally "breathtaking"! My star of the show.


Photo of one of Coco Chanel black dress the iconic little black dress 1920's


Coco Chanel's attribution of the term "The Little Black Dress" in the 1920s was a game-changer in the world of fashion. Her words echo through time, stating that this piece is a wardrobe essential for every woman. (I do have a couple of Little Black Dresses in my wardrobe and I am almost convince every woman must have one in their wardrobe?).

A simple, elegant black dress, versatile enough to transition effortlessly from daytime wear to an evening look with the right Jewellery pieces. It's in this concept of timeless style that I can help but draw inspiration. Just like Chanel aimed for her designs to be for the modern woman, Bea Jareno Jewellery aspire to capture that same sense of elegance in our creations, making sustainable jewellery a reflection of sophistication for today's women.

 Coco Chanel trio of white dresses from the V&A exhibition London 2023     Coco Chanel  trio of white dresses

One of the places that never fails to spark my artistic imagination is the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) , an oasis of art, design, craft and culture in the heart of London. My recent visit to the Coco Chanel exhibition, "Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto," was a transformative experience. The exhibition paid homage to one of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th century, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, and her enduring impact on the world of fashion. 

What stands out to me about these particular dresses is their serene all-white charm. The shapes are what captivate me, there is a flirty quality that I adore, the comfortable and floaty fabrics, not only looks beautiful but gives off an air of effortlessness. These dresses are the perfect combination of style, elegance and comfort.

Coco Chanel iconic The shut collection

Let's talk about the iconic Chanel suit, a timeless symbol of Coco's design legacy that continued to shine in the 70's. Exploring the V&A exhibitions, there is an entire room dedicated to the Chanel Suit. This one above is my favourite one from this room. The first suit emerged in 1925, playing with the notions of masculinity and femininity, but it's the 70s suits that truly stands out for me, a style peak.

The Coco Chanel exhibition was a masterclass in how to create a captivating narrative through the presentation of fashion and style. The curation, the evolution of Chanel's designs over the years, and the insights into her design philosophy were nothing short of amazing. It reminded me of the power of storytelling through design and the importance of innovation and reinvention in the creative process, however with that in mind, she was a genius in retaining that special elegance to her work.

 "You were born and original, don't become a copy" Coco Chanel


Coco chanel perfume box vintage at the v&A museum


Another aspect of Coco Chanel vision that truly captivated me at the exhibition was the designed perfume room. The iconic Chanel fragrances, her first perfume, Chanel No.5 launched in 1921, created by Ernest Beaux. The Design of its bottle been an important brand of this product, remaining the same for over a century. Remarkable, it goes to show how elegance is timeless! (My mum's favourite perfume too).


Coco Chanel first perfume frangance No.5


And Chanel No.19, launched in 1971, to commemorate Coco Chanel's birthday, 19th of August and created by Henri Robert, it launched one year before she died. The craftsmanship in presenting these fragances was so beautiful, with the unmistakable Chanel No.5 bottle standing tall as a timeless symbol and No.19 meaningful significance. It's a beautiful fusion of creativity and delight that makes the perfume room a breathtaking experience for me.


Coco Chanel perfume No.19 in the exhibition at the V&A museum London


"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" Coco Chanel


What inspires me most as an artist is the ability to push boundaries and break free from conventions. Gabrielle Chanel's journey from humble beginnings to becoming an icon of style is a testament to the transformative power of creative vision. It serves as a reminder that creativity knows no boundaries and that, as makers and artists, we have the capacity to shape our own destinies.

Coco Chanel, suits 1921 exhibit at the v&A Museum London

The V&A Museum and the Coco Chanel exhibition are just a few examples of the countless sources of inspiration that exist in the world. Whether it's a visit to a museum, a walk in nature, or a conversation with fellow creatives, inspiration is everywhere. It's the spark that fuels our passion, drives our creativity, and allows us to make our mark on the world.


Coco Chanel capes late 50's at the V&A Museum exhibit

I am so grateful for my studio space, my creative and business drive, and the ability to pursue my passion, this is truly magical to me. At the Atelier, where my Art, Design and Inspirations come to life, is where the magic of purpose aligns with my passion. Because it is Art, in all its forms, that stands as the most important and extraordinary expression of human creativity and emotion. It transcends boundaries, telling stories, evoking emotions, and capturing the essence of the human experience in many different ways. Indeed, without art, there is a void. Art is the heartbeat of our cultural and emotional landscape.

So, I ask you: What moves and inspires you as a maker, a creative, an artist? Take a moment to reflect on the experiences and moments that ignite your own creative fire. Share your thoughts and inspirations in the comments below; I'd love to hear what drives your artistic journey.

"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you" Coco Chanel

In the end, we all have our unique sources of inspiration, and it's in embracing and celebrating these inspirations that we continue to evolve and grow as artists. If you haven't seen the exhibition, I urge to go. I am personally going to go for a second visit and perhaps a third to soak in its extraordinary essence. It is one of the biggest exhibition I have seen at the V&A, so brace yourself for an immersive experience! And Enjoy!


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 We would love to hear your comments and for you to share your experiences with us! and if you have any questions please ask! We Appreciate you.

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