Bea Jareno Jewellery subtle textures wedding bands handcrafted fully with recycled precious metals in London hallmarked by the London Assay Office

“Your Love Story with Ethical & Sustainable Wedding Bands”

"May your love be a beacon of hope, lighting the path to a brighter, more connected and sustainable future" 

In a world filled with choices, there's something profoundly beautiful about finding that one perfect match, whether it's in love or in Jewellery. At Bea Jareno Jewellery, we believe in celebrating both. Our exquisite wedding bands aren't just symbols of commitment; they're a testament to love's enduring beauty and the power of conscious choices.

Unveiling Love's Unique Beauty

In the tapestry of love, each thread is unique, adding to the beauty of the whole. Our handcrafted wedding bands capture this essence flawlessly. Made with recycled 9ct, 14ct, or 18ct gold, or sterling silver, these rings are statements of ethical elegance.

Our commitment to sustainability shines through in every band, each born from recycled precious metals and handcrafted fully at our West London studio. These materials have been reborn into symbols of love. With captivating subtle textures that play with light,  these rings capture perfectly your love story.

Add A Personal Touch: Engraving Your Love

Your love story is unique, and your wedding band should be too. At Bea Jareno Jewellery, we offer an engraving service that allows you to infuse your ring with personal sentiment. For just £50, you can customize your band with a message that resonates with your shared memories, a promise that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Crafted with Care in London

Our rings are more than just jewellery; they are works of art, lovingly crafted. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to ethical craftsmanship. Hallmarked by the prestigious London Assay Office, they carry a legacy of quality and responsibility.

 Beyond Tradition: Alternative Partnership Rings


       Bea Jareno Jewellery thinner wedding bands recycled sterling silver

Love is a journey, and sometimes, that journey takes an unconventional path. Our wedding bands aren't just for traditional marriages. They're perfect for alternative partnerships that celebrate love in its diverse forms. They are an embodiment of the spirit of love, which knows no boundaries.

The Spirituality of Love

Love transcends the material world, and our rings reflect this spirituality. They are symbols of devotion and unity, each carrying a piece of your unique love story. When you exchange these bands, you're not just promising a future together; you're celebrating the present moment, where two souls come together in perfect harmony.

At Bea Jareno Jewellery, we invite you to explore our collection of sustainable, ethical, and handcrafted wedding bands. Each ring tells a story, your story, a story of love, consciousness, and beauty. When you choose our rings, you choose a statement of love that's as enduring as the materials from which it's crafted. Let your love story shine with Bea Jareno Jewellery. Contact us today to start your unique journey with us! 

"Bea Jareno Jewellery: Gold Full Circle, Our Sign of Sustainable elegance"

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With much love and light!
Bea and Team x
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