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"Create Your Own Silver Ring or Bangle: A Hands-On Jewellery Workshop"


"Soulful Jewels, Handcrafted with Love"

 Bea's Jewellery Studio invites creatives, artisans and jewellery enthusiasts to embark on a journey into the "Make Your Own Personalised Ring Workshop."

Priced at £195 per person, this five-hour workshop promises participants an unforgettable experience in Bea's professional studio, nestled in the vibrant heart of Ladbroke Grove, West London. Led by Bea herself, a designer maker working in London since 2006, attendees will be guided through the intricate process of traditional jewellery making, from forging sterling silver to cutting, bending, and soldering the metal. Good to know, they only work with recycled precious metals and the studio is a fully sustainable workshop.

"We're thrilled to introduce our latest workshop, designed to ignite creativity and self-expression in individuals of all skill levels," says Bea, founder and lead instructor at Bea's Jewellery Studio. "Crafting your own personalised ring or bangle  is so rewarding and makes for a wonderful day experience, whether a special occasion, birthday party, an experience with friends or siblings, it really is a very special thing to do with loved ones. It is about crafting a story together in an ethical and respectful way".

Highlights of the workshop include:

  • Hands-on instruction in basic jewellery making techniques
  • Personalised guidance in crafting a recycled sterling silver ring from scratch
  • Opportunities for customisation through oxidation, texturing, or stamping
  • Intimate class sizes limited to four attendees per session for a one to one attention
  • Light refreshments provided

Beyond the ring workshop, Bea's Jewellery Studio offers a range of additional workshops, including bangle-making and personalised project sessions, providing jewellery students with a variety of opportunities to explore their jewellery making creativity further.

We are happy to take private, group or corporate bookings and we will always tailor for special needs and requirements according to experience and preferences. 

To reserve a spot in the "Make Your Own Personalised Ring Workshop", "Make Your Own Personalised Bangle Workshop" or to learn more about Bea's Jewellery Studio, please contact Bea directly to discuss requirements or simply browse options and book your workshop here



About Bea's Jewellery Studio:

Bea's Jewellery Studio is an oasis for creativity and self-expression, offering a range of workshops and classes in traditional jewellery making. Led by founder and lead instructor, Bea, the studio provides individuals with the opportunity to explore their creativity and craft unique pieces of jewellery in a supportive and inspiring environment. Located in Ladbroke Grove, London, Bea Jareno Jewellery Studio welcomes jewellery enthusiasts of all skill levels to explore their inner creativity and craft their own stories through the art of jewellery making.


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  "Bea Jareno Jewellery: Full Gold Circle, Our Sign of Sustainable Elegance"
 We would love to hear your comments and for you to share your experiences with us! and if you have any questions please ask! We Appreciate you.
With much love & light
Bea and Team x


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