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Celebrating Creativity: A Collaboration with Award-Winning Filmmaker Alex Emslie.

"Dream It - Believe It - Achieve It"
Discover the mesmerising world of craftsmanship through our collaboration with London-based filmmaker Alex Emslie. Join us as we dive into the making, sounds, and creativity showcased in Alex's latest short film project, "The Slow Build" featuring our Afiok Collection recycled sterling silver necklaces.
In our latest blog post, we are bursting with excitement to share an extraordinary collaboration with the brilliant London-based filmmaker, Alex Emslie. His illustrious background as an editor, writer, and director speaks volumes about his incredible talent. Having worked with renowned platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Discovery ID, and Channel 4 (to name a few). With a track record that spans across some of the most prominent names in the entertainment world, Alex Emslie has proven himself to be a true master of his craft and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him in his latest short film project, "The Slow Build".
Meet Bea, founder of Bea Jareno Jewellery  
Journey into "The Slow Build"
Discover the enchanting world of "The Slow Build" a YouTube series crafted by Alex Emslie. Through this captivating visuals and deliberate lack of dialogue, Alex takes viewers on a peaceful and meditative journey, where craftsmanship and creativity takes centre stage. Experience the mercerising imagery and immerse yourself in the sounds and atmospheres of workshops, celebrating art of slow creation.
Learn more about our first ever Afiok Collection of recycled sterling silver necklaces, which beautifully complement Alex's vision of artistry and creativity. Each signature link and quill clasp is meticulously crafted, reflecting the essence of slow and mindful making using recycled sterling silver. Discover the story behind the collection and how it aligns with the philosophy of "The Slow Build".
In the heart of West London, we proudly craft our Afiok Collection of recycled sterling silver jewellery, a testament to our commitment to slow, mindful craftsmanship and sustainability which last a lifetime. Our collaboration with Alex beautifully aligns with these values, as we join forces to bring our creations to life.
Inspired by the African cultures and landscapes of the Sahara desert and it's dunes, our Afiok Collection resonates with the essence of the series, celebrating the transformative power of creativity while nurturing a more sustainable future. We pour our passion into each creation, ensuring that our Jewellery not only adorns the body but also carries a story of conscious design and living. Together, we invite you to embark on this journey, where craftsmanship, sustainability and creativity intertwine to shape a more beautiful and mindful world.
 Masters of the Craft: Shining a Spotlight
In 'The Slow Build" series, our collaboration with Alex Emslie unites a league of master craftsmen and craftswomen. Discover the extraordinary talents who shape this series, adding their unique magic to the tapestry of creativity. We stand proud among these visionaries and eagerly anticipate future collaborations with fellow artisans who share our passion for pushing boundaries.
As we conclude the blog post, we extend our deepest gratitude to Alex Emslie for the exhilarating collaboration. But the adventure doesn't end here! We invite you to join us in shaping the future of creativity. Reach out to us and let's explore the limitless possibilities of working together to create something truly remarkable.
Bea Jareno (founder) working at her bench in London
Hold onto your seats and embrace yourself for a mind-blowing adventure as we fuse our passion for craftsmanship with the talent of filmmaker Alex Emslie. Witness the spectacle of 'The Slow Build" and immerse yourself in the sensory wonders that await. Our Afiok Collection recycled sterling silver necklace takes centre stage, radiating elegance and transcendent sustainable beauty.
Join us now, and let's embark on a journey that will leave and indelible mark on your soul. The magic awaits, are you ready?
We Hope you enjoy this video! find a shorter version featured in our Homepage. We are as always immensity grateful for all your support! 
Much love , Bea & Team xx
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