"A Closer Look Into Gemstones Quality; Through Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat"

"A Closer Look Into Gemstones Quality; Through Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat"

group of five rings from the Tierra collection recycled sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold with gemstones

"Discover the unique radiance within you and embrace the art of shining brightly." 

Welcome to the dazzling world of gemstones, where each exquisite piece tells a unique story of beauty and rarity. In this blog, we dive into the fascinating world of gemstones quality, exploring the four Cs - Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat. Join us as we journey from the perfection with triple A (AAA) gemstones to the commercial charm of grade B. Let's discover all the secrets behind the sparkle!


small gold drop earrings lemon citrine oval gemstones hooks

Indian Summer collection Oval Faceted Gemstones Drop Earrings


Gemstones clarity is an integral aspect of the Four Cs of gemstone grading, with its significance lying in the assessment of a gem's visual appeal and structural soundness. In terms of coloured stones, clarity is classified into general grades, delineating the presence and impact of inclusions.

Flawless gemstones are completely clean revealing no inclusions or blemishes under a 10x magnification, contributing to their aesthetic and prestigious AAA grade, letting the light effortlessly through the gemstones, these normally are found in very clean and open settings so you can appreciate the brilliance of the gemstone.

Lightly included stones house inclusions that escape the naked eye AA grade and moderately included gems A grade, visible yet non-detrimental to durability, strike a balance between beauty and structural integrity.  Moving down the scale to AA and A grades which still boast exceptional clarity, with inclusions becoming slightly more perceptible. This grade offers an alternative for those who appreciate a balance between clarity and affordability.

Conversely, heavily included stones exhibit numerous inclusions, this will be grade B or commercial grade, diminishing both their visual appeal and robustness. This classification system serves as a crucial guide for gem enthusiasts, allowing them to discern the clarity grade of a gemstone and make informed choices based on their preferences for unmarred beauty and enduring quality. The absence or presence of inclusions, fractures, and surface imperfections intricately shapes a gemstone's clarity, influencing its overall desirability within the spectrum of precious and colour stones.

recycled large 9kt yellow gold hoops with turquoise gemstone

Bea Jareno Jewellery commissioned recycled 9kt yellow gold hoops with grade B (commercial) oval Turquoise gemstone


In our London Jewellery studio, we consider the gemstone clarity very important in creating an exquisite piece. At Bea Jareno Jewellery we understand that quality is primal to our client so we always navigate between gemstone grades AAA and AA to curate designs that align seamlessly with our commitment to sustainability.

Our choice of gemstones is complemented by the use of recycled precious metals in our creations. For instance, our engagement rings carry AAA gemstones as they are set in recycled 18kt yellow gold. This intentional pairing reflects not only our dedication to sourcing ethically and responsibly but also our pursuit of crafting timeless pieces that resonate with both aesthetic elegance and environmental consciousness. Our fine jewellery range encapsulates the union of beauty, quality, and sustainability.

Bea Jareno Jewellery engagement rings 18kt yellow gold recycled with AAA Tourmaline gemstones

Indian summer collection rings: recycled 18kt yellow gold, AAA tourmalines




Let's talk about how gemstones are shaped. The cut and the shape of a gemstone matters a lot because it decides how it sparkles. AAA gemstones are like the superstars – they shine with lots of colours and brightness because they're cut just right. The different flat surfaces on them are lined up really precisely, making the light bounce around in a brilliant way. Moving down to AA and A grades, the cut is still good, but there might be tiny differences in how symmetrical and precise it is. For Grade B gemstones, they're okay for everyday use, but you might notice some bigger differences in how they're cut. Knowing about these cuts helps us see why some gems dazzle more than others.

There are three main styles of gemstones cutting;  the first and most popular is the Brilliant cut, with 56 triangles and kite-shaped sides. the second style is Step, where big, straight sides run next to each other in square or rectangle-shaped gems. And the last one, Mixed, combines both Brilliant and Step cuts for a bit of both worlds. Understanding these styles helps us appreciate how each gem is uniquely shaped to catch and play with light in its own special way.

Indian summer emerald cut gold citrine gemstone square ring gold vermeil

Indian Summer collection emerald cut gold citrine gemstone ring

 Let's talk about shape, the cut and the shape of a gemstone is two different things but one can not exist without the other. There are many shapes to consider when choosing a piece of jewellery and that, of course, is up to personal taste. 

Now, let's talk about the cool shapes that gemstones come in. There's the classic round, a timeless choice that's always in style. Ovals have a more elongated look, while teardrops, also called drops or pears, are like little raindrops with a point. Marquise, or navette, gems look like boats or eyes, and hearts are, well, heart-shaped. There's also the square cushion, rectangular cushion, and baguette for those who like straight lines. Carré, rectangular octagon, square octagon, and rectangles bring in some interesting angles, while triangles and trillions add a bit of edge. Bevelled baguettes and fantasy shapes round out the bunch, offering unique and creative options for those who want something a little different. So, when it comes to gems, not only do you have the cut styles to consider, but you can also pick from a bunch of awesome shapes to find the one that fits your style just right.

          gemstones gold stud earrings amethyst brilliant cut    gold gemstones stud earrings brilliant cut white topaz

Indian Summer collection brilliant cut round gemstones stud earrings 



Now, let's explore the vibrant world of gemstone colours. The colour of a gem is a big deal in making it stunning. AAA gemstones are super vivid and bright hues without any sneaky undertones to dull their shine. Moving on to AA and A grades, the colour is still pretty good, just with tiny differences that give each gem its unique charm (we love these) and  Grade B gems, more everyday kind, can show bigger differences in colour and might have a bit less intensity. Understanding these colour grades helps us pick the gem that matches our style, whether we want a bold and bright look or something a bit more understated. 

At Bea Jareno Jewellery, when we're crafting our designs, we handpick each gem based on the specific design we're working on. We believe that every gem has its own special spiritual power and beauty, imperfections included. Embracing these unique features adds character and charm to our creations. Our selection process extends to choosing the right colour hues and intensities that perfectly complement our designs. Whether it's a vivid AAA gem or a more subtle Grade AA or A, each gem is chosen with care, ensuring a perfect balance between beauty and individuality. In our studio, it's not just about the gem; it's about curating a palette of colours that tells a story through every handcrafted design.


alternative engagement ring recycled 9kt yellow gold with cognac tourmaline and champagne diamonds

Bea Jareno Jewellery alternative engagement ring



Introducing the world of carats (ct) in gemstones, the carat scale tells us that one carat is the same as 200 milligrams (0.20 grams), and it's neatly divided into 100 points for super precise measurements. So, a sapphire that's half a carat might be called 0.50 carats or simply '5 points.' It's not just diamonds that get measured this way; coloured stones also play by the carat rule. Oh, and don't get confused – when we talk about precious metals like gold, the abbreviation kt (with the k) is what tells us about their weight. So, whether it's the sparkle of gemstones or the weight of gold, these little abbreviations help us understand the story that these numbers tell in the world of fine jewellery.

commissioned ring recycled 24ct yellow gold vermeil Ethiopian opal and emerald gemstones


In conclusion, beyond mere aesthetics. We navigate the intricacies of gemstone clarity, cut styles, shapes, and colours, offering a palette of choices that balances precious metals with gemstones in each handcrafted piece of jewellery. 

At our sustainable jewellery studio in West London, we go beyond beauty; we take pride in handcrafting every piece using 100% recycled precious metals. Committed to sustainability, we offer bespoke, repurposing, and restoration services besides our existing jewellery collections, advocating for the preservation of our planet and the humane treatment of people worldwide. With a belief that there's an abundance of precious metals already available, we encourage you to bring your own materials, both gemstones and precious metals, for a new chapter in contemporary jewellery. Let us transform your dreams into reality through our bespoke service, where sustainability meets timeless elegance.


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